Best Countries For Study Abroad

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Best Countries For Study Abroad

Best Countries For Study Abroad – For the most part, at least in America, we have moved on to either graduation for college students, or summer vacation. And now is the time to plan, and one thing you could be planning for in your junior or senior year is study abroad. You can go see the world, learn a new culture, learn a new language perhaps.

Best Countries For Study Abroad

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Hook up with people from a different country. Go for one of those. But there’s so many countries to chose from, how do you chose? Throw a dart. You don’t, you let us chose for you and so we’ve got a list of the five that was rated best by U.S. News which should help you. Number five is the UK.

For all of these, I’ve put together some of the things that I think would be a benefit of going there. Home to such prestigious universities as Oxford and Cambridge. Yes. Also, the home of tea. Weather that’s not quite so bad as what you’ve heard, according to blogs that I’ve read. It gets a bad rap, it doesn’t deserve it.

Tea? No, the weather. And pubs that close early enough that you can start to catch up on sleep. Apparently, in a lot of areas, they close at 11 o’clock at night. My god, can we have that in LA? Sleep is important. I want all of ours to shut down at like ten. Yeah, you would have already been sleep for three hours. You get there at eight, you go eight to ten and then you go to sleep.

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The UK is cool, you got a lot of culture and everything. I wanna go to the UK now. You can run into Emma Watson, I mean there are a lot of benefits to going to the UK. Also, it’s not that big of a- Kind of expensive though. It’s not that different than the United States in a lot of ways, you know what I mean, it won’t be that big of a transition.

It won’t be that I think jarring for a lot of people, so a lot of people like- >> Less Trump. >> Like that easy transition. >> Exactly, consider- >> No language barriers. If you don’t like the UK, what about number four, France. Includes highly ranked Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6, and Universite Paris-Sud. France also features lower cost of living than the U.S., according to my research. Some of the world’s best restaurants, museums, and art galleries, as well as wine. >> And macaroons. >> Do they have macaroons?

Those colorful macaroons, and I get [CROSSTALK] >> Are they as expensive as they are here? Because that’s stupid. >> I got Nutella crepes. I don’t believe, maybe living in France, but not living in Paris. >> I don’t know about Paris, specifically. No, I looked it up and it does apparently have a lower overall cost of living. >> Paris is expensive. >> Exactly, so don’t go there, go somewhere else. But lots of good food. And it’s beautiful, lots of history.

Lots of culture and a relatively healthy population. >> If you like smoking, they still do that. >> You could go and you could stand 20 feet away from the Mona Lisa behind ropes, and behind all these people. >> Yeah, you can be marginally closer to the Mona Lisa- >> For the whole semester. >> Than you already are from here, or wherever you are from.

Number three, the U.S., gasp! Obviously, this is not going to be for people in the U.S., cuz that’s not study abroad. Although, you could go to a different part of the country. >> Yeah, some people consider a summer semester in Hollywood or a semester in New York as their study abroad. Honolulu, that would be cool. >> Just go somewhere else.

Don’t come here it sucks. >> Now in 2014, 2015, the U.S. hosted nearly one million international students, which is a ton. And then, we’ve also got all that stuff that you know that we have because you watch our TV shows and you watch our movies and you listen to our songs and stuff.

We’ve got Taylor Swift and we’ve got tacos. >> Trump. >> And Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. >> We have Trump. Don’t come here. >> If you were to come study abroad in the US, it’s not one thing. I mean most countries aren’t. But especially in the U.S., it’s so geographically diverse and culturally diverse in different areas that you can tailor your experience to which university you go to.

Chances are you’ll probably be able to speak the language cuz it’s very popular around the world and so there are certain benefits to coming to the U.S. Also, we’re here, so that’s kinda cool. >> The U.S. is interesting like that because you can travel around the country and see very different cultures and landscapes no matter where you go, which is nice.

>> Exactly, exactly. Number two, Spain contains the highly ranked University of Barcelona, >> Barcelona >> Tapas, world class wine, thriving night life, and churros. >> Yeah, they have great churros. The nightlife there is not for me. >> It’s too late, I think, for you. >> It’s, yeah. It goes to 6:00AM, 7:00AM. [LAUGH] >> No, you just wake up and then go out.

I could wake up at 5:00AM, catch the people at the end. >> [LAUGH] >> Which I think is just crazy. I’m not into it either, but many people are, and you’re young. [CROSSTALK] >> Spanish a a beautiful language.

So consider it. Exactly. Now, number one, Italy, what do you know? Country known worldwide for it’s architecture, stunning coastlines, and cuisine. Doesn’t have a problem attracting visitors, it’s also the fifth most popular tourist destination in 2014 with good reason. Again, differences in culture as you go north-south.

Lots of culture, going back literally thousands of years. A number of different universities to choose from. Absolutely gorgeous women, and supposedly people like the men too. All of that could be yours, if you go to Italy. A lot of people already do study abroad in Italy and some of the other countries. >> Yeah, a lot of people, I had a lot of friends that studied abroad in Italy.

It is a beautiful country, there’s a lot of, like you said, diverse cultural aspects of it. I think one of the coolest parts is- >> Get a Vespa. >> That there is such a deep history there and so you could be on your laptop, in a cafe, doing something super high tech, working on whatever homework you are and you can literally look out and see something that has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.

You’ve been literally sitting on top of where people were roaming, no, do you know what I mean? [LAUGH] >> Rome? Is that? >> People had an empire- >> I’m gonna go roam for awhile. >> Thousands of years before you, do you know what I mean? >> Yes. >> That’s really, really cool. >> Yes. It is really cool >> We don’t have that history here in the U.S., so it’s nice that they saved the history.

Yeah. >> We’re working on it. We’ll get there some day, in a couple thousand years. I studied abroad in Egypt. It is not very highly ranked on the list, obviously. There is a good amount of civil and military unrest in Egypt.

It’s just a few years out from basically a revolution, so not super-highly ranked. But I think all of these five, I think, would be a good place to consider. >> I studied abroad in the Czech Republic. Which I- >> Checked it off your bucket list. >> I checked it off, no, I totally enjoyed my time there. I studied in Prague, I loved it and I could travel a lot. I also would highly recommend going there if you have the chance and it’s nice because it’s not as Western as the rest of the countries on this list, so you get a totally new experience.

Yes, so all of these would be great, of course, there are many other places you can go and depending on the material you want to study, the culture that you’re interested in, there are many to chose from. But for those of you who have, like us, already studied abroad, let us know what your experience was like. Is there a country that you particularly recommend, let us know below.

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