Professional Medical Supply, GOLDEN PATH

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Professional Medical Supply, GOLDEN PATH

Professional Medical Supply – The company started in 1971. My parents started the company. They started out of our family station wagon. The building we’ve moved into now in the 80s is around 70,000 square feet.

Professional Medical Supply, GOLDEN PATH

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We’re lucky to get it back when we did, it was a water bed in the 70s and we moved in in the 80s. And we’ve seen the neighborhood grow since we’ve been here, and got a very big showroom, it’s over 8,000 square feet.

Everything’s changing now, with the internet, you have to wow people when they come in. We have a complete lift chair area, we have complete scooter, power chair area, wheelchair, bath section.

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We even added a used equipment area. Our retail showroom is pretty much our backbone now as far as our business goes. So people come in and are like “Wow, look at the selection.”

Professional Medical Supply, GOLDEN PATH

Professional Medical Supply, GOLDEN PATH

They may come in for the chair that’s on sale for 499, but they’ll sit in the higher end chair and they’ll fall in love with it. So you really have to bring in everything you can to show people that there’s a lot of options, ’cause not everything works in your home.

So you have to come in here, you sit in it, you try it, and you realize this is the best for me. When someone walks in our store, we always will give them a friendly hello. We always like to ask them “is there anything “that we can help you find, do you just kinda “wanna look around?”

We make sure people know that we are stepping into a no pressure sales environment. One of the big reasons we never really worked with commission, ’cause we’re not here to sell, especially seniors, anything that they don’t need or might not necessarily want to purchase yet, we’re just here to be kind of just a showroom that will allow people to come in and see things they might not otherwise have had exposure to.

And just to show them that there’s a wide range of products that can improve their quality of life and maybe things that they weren’t aware even existed before. The whole industry’s changed. Healthcare’s changed immensely.

We’ve always had the focus of try to cover all of our bases. Have the retail showroom, have the cash and carry and be able to offer people, if it’s not covered, “Okay I can buy this item and I can afford to get it. “Either I can rent it, or I
can buy it at a good price.”

We try to fit the needs f anybody that comes in. If they can’t afford a wheelchair for 200 some dollars, hey we have a used one over here for 90.

Next day after I was born I was here, you know doing the filing with Mom. She’s had me here and I’ve been here for 27 years now. Being born into it is something special. Third generation now, grandfather being a therapist.

He got us, you know, motivated to go to school and before he passed I got into respiratory therapy school, graduated in 2013, my cousin decided he would like to become a therapist as well, so he’s halfway through schooling, so once he graduates, we’ll have two full-time therapists, as well as a showroom to fill everyone’s needs.

Professional Medical Supply, GOLDEN PATH

Professional Medical Supply, GOLDEN PATH

It’s kind of in the DNA, I mean the family, we’ve always been in medical, it’s all we’ve ever known. But we really enjoy helping the general public, we’re really community based and we really love helping the people who come in and because I was raised by my grandparents, because my parents weren’t in the picture as much, and so growing up with them.

I got a different perspective on taking care of somebody who was older than you and then as they got closer to the end of their life and ultimately passed recently, both of them, it kind of gave me a different perspective on life on how to help take care of people. And improving their quality of life, and because when people feel limited by their mobility or their circumstances.

They often will find themselves having a really depleted quality of life. And being a facilitator of meeting those needs is really fulfilling to us, not from a monetary standpoint, but just a personal, we feel good about ourselves at the end of the day, and that’s more important than any amount of money we could ever make.

It’s different to grow up in it, it’s also different to work in it. I’ve been a caretaker for both my grandparents, as well as other family members, so I have a heart for caregiving.

The best part about coming into our physical store is that unlike the internet, where you can read a million reviews, you can look at a million pictures, and you can visualize in your mind, but sometimes people come in and they think they have what they want in their mind and they leave with something totally different, ’cause they realize that is not going to meet my needs as well as the other product.

That’s the beauty of having a retail showroom. And that’s the number one thing is letting people know what’s out there. With all the different products that we have and the large selection that we have, they are able to come in, try things out, see what works, what doesn’t work and really be able to leave with something that they really feel that’s gonna better their lives.

When somebody originally comes to me and they ask me my opinion on the chairs, I love to tell them the backstory of my grandparents and how they’ve had several relaxers over the years, quality chairs that we still have to this day.

I just make sure that they know what they’re options are and know that no matter if they take a value series or a chair with every single bell and whistle as Golden can throw on it, they’re leaving with a quality product regardless of how much it cost.

I stand by Golden products, both my grandparents had Golden chairs. My mother has a chair as well and it really has made a positive impact. – And I remember when Rich Golden came in, my dad was still here and he, I guess my dad sort of broke him in, you know? But he told him, you know my dad was always about retail, a lot of companies were home delivery, my dad was all “I have to have a retail showroom.”

He was always big about that. And he wanted to always display as much as he could, and as you can see, Golden, we have a lot of chairs on display, some companies have a few, but we bring in just about everything we can and give the customers something to see, something to try at a good price, and you know we back it up with our deliveries and our repairs, and our staff, a lot of our staff has been here for over 20 years.

We’ve dealt with Golden for so many years, and we see the same people all the time, and we talk to the same people and we know that if we sell something they have our back.

It’s not like some companies would go, “Sorry, this was not covered.” And we know with Golden, even if it, maybe it’s a little out of warranty, they might still take care of it, just to make the customer happy.

There was a story of all these people traveling, and they lost their scooter off the back of their motor home, and it was because of a defective part on the scooter, and these people without a scooter, Golden stepped up and replaced that scooter.

I mean that’s way above anybody would do. Biggest thing too is we know the product is good, we know it’s built well. – One of the cool things about me working in the showroom, and occasional days where we’re shorthanded is sometimes I would sell a product, a lift chair or scooter, and then deliver the same product myself the rest of the day.

It was funny because people used to say, “Are you the only person at the store?” And I said, “Yeah you should see the Christmas parties, “it’s just me.” But it’s been really fun to be able to go and see people later on down the road and have people, as wewere talking about earlier, people who come in where the fabric wore out, but the chair just keeps on ticking like a Timex watch, and it just won’t quit.

I’ve had so many testimonials of people in the past where it’s like they only wanna stick with a Golden product because of the fact that they know that they have a quality item and then I can firmly from my back pocket draw up my own testimony, like here’s our experience with the chair.

We love them, we have several of them, because of the fact that we know it’s gonna last, it’s gonna work and if there’s any issues, we’re gonna get it resolved. So we know we have good product, we know they have our back.

It’s been a success story for us for over 20 years with Golden, so and we plan on continuing that and as you can see, that’s our product line. I wish all manufacturers were as good as Golden with their warranty standards as well as their ability to help people, you know, being a family business and then dealing with family businesses, that’s huge.

They care about the people, you know everyone works as a family, as a team. I wish other manufacturers would strive to be as good as Golden. I think the products are great. We just got that cow skin chair, and I don’t know about that, but I think that’s pretty wild.

My wife fell in love with that. It’s neat that they’re not afraid to do something like that, you know, “Hey let’s try that” and that’s what you have to do, ’cause you don’t know what’s gonna sell.

We don’t know, we bring things in and we don’t know if it’s gonna sell til its here. And this is Adam. Say hi Adam. This is our son Adam.

He’s our big helper today. My wife and I work together, she’s been here since she was a teenager. She started off as a cleaning girl. We’re a good team, you know we work together well, and I think that’s what makes a company.

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If you can all work together as a good team, and we have a good core of people too, we’ve got, you know, our employees are like family, because a lot of them have been here for over 20 years, they’ve seen our kids grow up. This has been part of the family for so many years, it’s just natural for us just to continue.

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